Update to Membership and Insurance Cover.

We recently received an update from HQ regarding insurance and membership.

“For all BRC members their BRC insurance which is included in their membership expires along with their annual membership at the date of the Club’s AGM. It is important that your members are made aware of the fact that as soon as the Club has held its AGM, then the rider’s membership has to be renewed for the following year at that time. If the member does not renew at the date of the AGM, then they are no longer covered by BRC insurance until such time as they renew.”

Our membership term runs December – December, so regardless of when you joined the previous year membership expires in December and re information above you will not be insured by BRC until your membership is renewed – so get those renewals in quick! Also if you join before March you get x2 £5 vouchers – it’s a win-win!!