Confidence building session


lovely outdoor school at Linfield Farm, Methven by kind permission of Linda Morton. These sessions are aimed nervous riders who's would like to get out somewhere different without the pressure of spv ecbbtators or an instructor, or those with young or green horses who would like a quiet school away from home. We will run these sessions each Thursday for an eight week trial alternating between flatwork and jumping/polework. (Basically on the jumping week there will be a course set up which you may use, or just ride around.) Sessions are £10 each and each person will be allocated an hour in which to arrive, tack up, school and depart before the next person arrives. We are happy for you to ride with a friend but the max is two horses per session. As it's a trial, as the weeks progress, there may be demand to Have A Go in a dressage arena (judged or unjudged) and we may have an instructor for anyone who wants a bit of help but not a full lesson. However at first we expect people to take sessions under their own steam and shall have a committee member/first aider there for safety and to encourage you/chat to you to take your mind off your nerves! These sessions are really to help get nervous people and young horses out and about and as such there will be no instruction and we ask that you don't bring your own instructor. We hope that the next step will be for you to join in one of the main group lessons when you and/or your horse are ready. Sessions will start on Thursday 22 Judne from 3pm. Please contact me directly asap to book a slot.

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